spicing it up

Packing is fun, I keep telling myself.  It’s a blast!  NOT.

OK, fine.  It’s not all drudgery.  Some of it is, well, spicy!  Yup, part of the preparing/packing process involved putting together a spice kit to bring along.  Not knowing what we are in for when it comes to available flavour enhancers, a little of this and that spice-wise seems like a good idea.

The challenge:  pick 12 spices and herbs from the 50 some odd choices in the cupboard.  What can we simply not live without?  What could we live without but that would bring our palates a little bit of pleasure?  So that brought it down to 40….  Yikes.

I spent the better part of an hour sniffing the bottles (it’s perfectly legal!!!!) and cajoling Greg into agreeing to my choices.  A bit of teamwork later and here it is:

our official spice kit

our official spice kit

Tumeric, coriander, basil, cinnamon, cumin, ginger, cayenne, cardamom, fenugreek, oregano, cloves, mustard seeds.

A separate large jar of homemade curry power is also making the trip – and perhaps a few nutmeg seeds will somehow miraculously “crawl” into the suitcase as well.

Ah, what’s to be done about it?  One can let go of the appliances (goodbye hand-mixer, so long food processor, I’ll miss you sweet oven that bakes vegan cakes and cookies to perfection), but the spices… nah.  Not going to happen.

~ by Caroline Spira on September 14, 2009.

8 Responses to “spicing it up”

  1. I love it! I like your pretty kit better than my idea of throwing a few bottles of our most used spices into a box…imitation is the best form of flattery!

  2. Have a fabulous journey, stay safe, and keep us posted!! hugs Jan

  3. Hey guys!!

    sorry its been so long, i am so excitted to to see you both going overseas on a volunteering adventure. Its how I think of you in my heads, it seems like the perfect fit.

    keep in touch!!!

  4. I look forward to reading about your most excellent adventure.
    Thanks for the Pizza and fun chats.

  5. Nice blog. Your spices look very pretty : )

  6. Uh-oh… I didn’t leave room for spices in my packing to Kenya. Come to think, I don’t even know what those spices are..

    This… is going to be a challenging experience for me…lol. Thanks for listing your top 12, that saves me lots of headache.

    P.S. – Greg and Caroline R O C K.

  7. Excellent choice of spices! The variety should serve you well for all your cooking needs. I think the only other choice I would have made would be thyme.

    Be Safe! Lookin forward to hearing about all your adventures…
    hugs, michele

    PS – I Agree with the last post – you guys RAWK!!

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