mountains of batteries and rivers of cables

“Travel light” begins an age-old adage.

“Blend in with the crowd,” it continues.

Sage advice indeed for the traveler – whether heading off for a week or a year.  But when have we ever done things the easy way?  Definitely not for our escapade to Cameroon.  However, we have a good excuse!

I will be facilitating another Photovoice project!

In addition to my own assortment of camera equipment, and our laptops and portable hard drives, forty AA rechargeable batteries and meter-upon-meter of USB cables will join us onboard Air France’s Cameroon-bound jet. These will provide the juice for digital cameras and a digital audio recorder purchased thanks to a public engagement grant from CUSO-VSO.

The project, in short, will see me hand cameras over to individuals affected by HIV/AIDS so that they can self-portray their perceptions of the work that CUSO-VSO’s partners are carrying out in the area around Maroua.  Together we’ll use the images as portals to discover ways to build effective projects and include their insights into gauging whether projects achieve what they set out to do.

Never fear, you will get to see the participants’ pictures too!  After all, the funding is about engaging you, my public, in the amazing work done by CUSO-VSO and its partners overseas.

Once things get under way, I will share these with you in several places including on a separate page of this blog, and, eventually, on CUSO-VSO’s 50th anniversary website!

As another part of this public engagement grant, we’ll both be podcasting from Cameroon!  Listen online to our reporting on issues we encounter, interviews with other VSO volunteer and our colleagues at the organizations we’re working with.  Stay tuned for the details.

~ by Greg Spira on October 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “mountains of batteries and rivers of cables”

  1. dress simple, smile and let your heart shine through! that is a language all understand. Stay safe, hugs Jan

  2. I don’t think there’s much you can do about being the whities with the gear – just be kind. You can do that! Congrats on the project.

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