send us on assignment

WANTED:  Sponsors for each month of our placement in Cameroon –  send us on “special assignments”.

Are you curious about something about our lives or work in Maroua?  Intrigued about the city or country?  It’s people, cultures, or languages?  Would you like us to “cover” a particular topic, issue, area of interest, or curiosity in our blog?  Pretend you’re our editor; you name the story, we’ll go cover it!

Sponsors can be individuals, groups, or businesses.  In exchange for the sponsor’s donation towards our CUSO-VSO fundraising goal, we will dedicate our off-hours that month to researching, exploring and reporting on the topic of interest.  The more imaginative you are, the more creative we can be with taking on the assignment.

There’s no minimum donation.  However, your generosity will be immensely appreciated.  Remember that last year the fundraising creativity of other CUSO-VSO volunteers helped put us on the ground in Maroua.  Your curiosity about our lives, and the world around us, will help send the next batch of volunteers off on their own assignments.

To make your donation click here. Then send us an e-mail and we’ll settle on a great topic.  Oh… and if you want to donate without sponsoring a month, please go ahead.  Either way – THANK YOU!!!

Here’s a tentative/proposed schedule of confirmed assignments:

December 2009 – Sponsored by The Taiji Group – Assignment:  ‘Branding on a Cameroonian budget’ – What does branding look like in this environment?  Is there such a thing as “brand consciousness”?  How are international, national and local brands displayed and promoted?

April 2010 – Sponsored by Isabelle Bernier – Assignment:  What is the situation like for children infected with HIV-AIDS? How do the communities view and support these children when they have childhood developmental challenges or special needs?

Follow the progress of these special assignment on this page.

~ by Caroline Spira on October 17, 2009.

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