Have you always been humanitarians?

That’s perhaps the most unusual question (so far, mind you) that we’ve been asked in regards to our impending placements in Cameroon.

On the eve of our departure, we can’t help but to think:  is this WHO we are?  WHAT we are?  WHAT we are doing?

No doubt a profound respect for humanity is what drives us to combine our skills with those of other individuals in the hopes that, together, we can make a difference in the world around us.  After all, we believe in supporting people and communities in changing their own lives.

If you want to read about great people doing extraordinarily wonderful things that classify as true humanitarianism (in our minds and hearts), then read:

Three Cups of Tea – by Greg Mortensen

Leaving Microsoft to Save the World – by John Woods

An Imperfect Offering – by James Orbinski

Six Months in Sudan – by James Maskalyk

The Wisdom of Whores – by Elizabeth Pisani
They have inspired us.  Truly.

If you want to read about the experiences of a couple of rather ordinary people – who have drive, ambition, desire, courage, energy and passion to do exactly what they want to do, who are not fearless or completely selfless yet feel tremendously blessed to have the ability to devote 2 years to a learning experience that is a match to what they are passionate about – then read on!

The journey is just beginning.

~ by Caroline Spira on October 29, 2009.

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