the thing about crickets

Day before last, sitting in the inner courtyard chatting with my parents on the phone, I kept having the dodge out of the way of a very excited cricket.  Roughly 3 inches long, this jumping/flying insect was performing some sort of dance, bouncing from wall to wall, to head to arm.

Our new friend the cricket stopped on the ground just long enough so we could get a good look at him… “Pretty” we said “like a giant grasshopper with a singing voice”.  Seeing our distractions, and noticing we had left the door to the house ajar and he made a break for it!  Into the house he flew.  A grand opportunity for exploration.

Greg sighed.  Under other circumstances we’d be only too happy to oblige, but we’re not quite ready for company yet.  So Greg went inside and mounted a rescue operation.  Within a matter of seconds, Greg captured him, and very carefully, gingerly and lovingly brought our friend the cricket back outside to live a life in the great outdoors.  Ahhhh the freedom!

By morning, however, as I stepped into the courtyard once again, our friend Mr Cricket looked rather sullen as he now was breakfast to a rather cute, but determined gecko.  Although I disrupted the gecko from getting his morning protein a few times, in the end, well, it was the end.

Friendships can be so flighty!

Case in point, last night, hanging out with new friends (human this time) at a local hangout in a part of town called domayo, we needed a little something to go with the drinks.  “Crickets!  That would go well with beer!”  When a lady carrying a tray of crickets on her head with a choice of sauces and spices, we couldn’t resist.

Greg described them as “crunchy chicken wings” and essentially devoured them in like fashion.  I thought that they were a little too spicy for my taste – perhaps we went a little too far with the hot pepper sauce…

Oh, how the things can turn on a dime… friend one moment, snack the next…

~ by Caroline Spira on November 18, 2009.

One Response to “the thing about crickets”

  1. Bonjour Caroline,

    Voila, j’ai le site et je vous suis tous les deux, j’ai traduit en français car pour moi c’est un peu compliqué en anglais, mais je suis contente de pouvoir vous suivre tous les deux, c’est passionnant.

    Je vous embrasse tous les deux et bonne route,

    Simone et Alain

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