oh crap on two wheels

It was bound to happen. I have to learn to ride a motorcycle for my job. Two wheels and a roaring motor down wide streets along with hundreds of unsuspecting drivers.

But not yet. This was only day 1 of my “training”.

First of all, I should put a shout out to the motorcycle shops in Nanaimo where Greg and I got our white, full faced “martian-looking” motorcycle helmets. Your patience and dedication to ensuring the best of fits to protect our otherwise squishy heads is very much appreciated. At least that part will be safe.

The rest will come in due time.

My co-worker at RESAEC, Abel, took me out to the “stadium” – that is, a large open field where kids go to play football, and where a large part of it was relatively free of obstacles. That is, if you don’t count the sheep, chickens, horses, other motos driving through and the little boys who really had a good laugh at my expense.

Abel, very patiently, explained all of the buttons, levers, gears and other bits on the beast.

The stormtroopers hanging on THE BEAST: Catherine, Greg and Caroline


This thing must weigh about 5 times as much as I do. I can barely touch the ground. But once Abel told me to just ride off… I did! Beast or no, the moto is now my friend. I even took Abel for a ride… he became the little angel off my right shoulder giving me tips and reminding me what to do.

I’m not ready for the open road yet, in fact, I’m not ready to shift into 4th gear. But I did manage a few figure eights, up and down massive potholes and yes, I did stay upright and on the whole time.

Can’t wait for Thursday when I get to entertain the little boys again… and perhaps by next week I can be a terror on two wheels on pavement and I can take the other members of the stormtroopers out for a ride!!!

~ by Caroline Spira on December 9, 2009.

7 Responses to “oh crap on two wheels”

  1. Way to go Ms. Knievel! (You may have to ask someone my age to know who he was.)

  2. Someone told me once—about motorcycling—to feel as if the bike is an extension of yourself, and then let your spirit soar !

    • Oh, it’s soaring alright!!! Mostly just through left turns and in 3rd gear. But that’s a mighty good start… oh, and I have mastered how to stop too… can’t let the spirit soar all the time, now can I?

  3. Once you’ve conquered it, you’ll love it! I used to have a scooter, and once I figured out how to ride it, it was way more fun than driving a car.

  4. The first time I ever rode on a motorcycle was behind Uncle Denis when I was maybe 10 years old. Very scary.

  5. Hey, this is MY moto, take good care of it, it has a sentimental value for me 🙂

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