Barack Obama mania

It’s been a year today since inauguration.  And this is Africa.  How much of a connection do the Cameroonians have with U.S. President Barack Obama, you ask?  Just from observation, we’d say it is quite a bit.

In a totally unscientific study, we have spent the last few weeks keeping an eye out for Barrack merchandise.  Rarely does a day go by when you don’t see a young boy or girl sporting an Obama t-shirt.  They sell them at the market alongside soccer jerseys and traditional pangs.

Garage Barack Obama

One of our favourite tributes to the American president is the Garage Barack Obama, located just a block from our house.  I’ll admit, I’m entirely too shy to go ask the mechanics at the shop the reasons behind the name choice.  Honour by name association sounds like a good reason enough.  Perhaps it provides a higher confidence level in the quality of the motorcycle repairs.

Then again, there is a gasoline stand near the market that has also called itself Barack Obama.  Very much doubt that denotes more environmentally friendly gasoline.  Mind you, the gasoline is smuggled in from Nigeria on the back of bicycles, which would, in fact, lessen the carbon footprint.  Something to think about…

Pictures, posters, stickers.  They are everywhere.  It’s no wonder we’ve been greeted a few times with “Barack Obama” instead of “hello”.  Now, we ask, how are we to answer this form of greeting?

As far as a presence goes, this is pretty impressive.  A well-oiled marketing machine.  And yet one more interesting connection to the rest of the world!

~ by Caroline Spira on January 20, 2010.

One Response to “Barack Obama mania”

  1. Sadly, Barack Obama Mania, is on the decrease in the U.S. Have you heard about the Republicans gaining Ted Kennedy’s former seat in Congress. This makes it practically impossible for the Democrats get consciencable important bills. No wonder the poor guy has lost so much weight !

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