daily dose of chuckles

There is nothing better (in moderation) than to go to the bakery at 6:45am to get freshly baked, right out of the oven, baguettes for breakfast.  There is just something about the warmth of the crust that spells out bliss.

So off I went this morning to grab some in addition to a couple yogurts for Greg, Mischa (a volunteer from Maga who crashed with us last night) and myself.

First order of business.  Chit chat with the man behind the counter who likes to exchange pleasantries in Fulfulde.  But this morning, he tested me.  “noy goldum” – how is the heat?  He got me on the language thing, but geez, I thought to myself, I hadn’t noticed!  Is it hot today?


Feeling a little cheery, walking down the street, I came upon one of the people I often see in the “quartier”.  I recognize him well.  He inadvertently flashed me once.  I say inadvertently because he’s mentally ill and surely would not have intentionally forgotten to let what is supposed to be inside his pants dangle on the outside of his pants.  Therefore I feel rather, er, familiar with him.

This morning though he was on the opposite side of the street walking in the same direction I was.  Then all of a sudden he stopped, bending down to the ground.  I thought to myself: “ oh no, come on! This street is not a good place to nap!”  I was so wrong.  Right then and there, he just did a little summersault.  Then got back up and kept on walking.


As I rounded the corner, I came upon a grouping of 7 children with a man on the side of the road.  The man was digging a hole (reason unknown) and the children were circling him intently watching his progress.  They didn’t even acknowledge my presence which is quite unusual.  Finally there is something more interested than a foreigner!  Who knew!

Another hearty chuckle.

Later in the morning I was walking home from the office when I came upon another group of helpful children.  This time, there were 8 boys under the age of 6 helping a lady bring in a large cart through a narrow door frame.  The boys were counting together in unison: 1-2-3.

Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.

Smiling ear to ear, I got to my house.  Waiting for me were the two youngest of the large family that lives next door.  The little girl – whom I would guess is no more than 2 – was so excited to see me.  She was waving frantically when I was still meters away.  I’ve decided that she is my personal welcoming committee.

Her slightly older brother (who must be about 3), gallantly opened the gate for me, then after I had walked in, as always, he insisted on closing the door behind me.  “Bye Bye” he said in his little voice.

I’m still chuckling.

Our “little garbage boy”, a 13 or so year old neighbour who sorts our garbage for trash and treasure, came over in the early evening.  I’d been looking for him for a while because I had a wee little job for him to do.  Would he go around to the tailors in the “quartier” and see if he could fill a large plastic bag of scrap for me to quilt with?

Although I told him it could wait until the next day, he bolted off so fast I wasn’t sure what the urgency was.  Yet within a half hour he was back, a posse of other boys in tow.  The bag was full of scraps.  All Right!  And so was the street!!!  Like confetti, the front of our house is littered with bits of colourful fabric marking the crazy foreigners’ latest weird behaviour.

Now, I’m well passed chuckling.  Onto full out laughter!

~ by Caroline Spira on April 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “daily dose of chuckles”

  1. Overall, a pretty good day, non? Not to mention a care package full of goodies. Hope you enjoy the tea even though it’s hot.

  2. Great fun. These are the sort of moments that you can only experience by living in a place. Collect the moments and remember always.

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