no really … how’s the weather?

We received a really cool e-mail last week.  My mom sent an encoded and cryptic message asking whether it would be easier to sometimes discuss the “weather” with them – my parents.  By “the weather” we thought my Mom was concerned we were hiding the truth (in our emails, blogs, etc) about how we were really doing.

Turns out “how is the weather?” wasn’t coming from a worried mom assuming her no-longer-teenaged son was  selectively telling the truth. We’re still unsure what exactly the question really meant, but at least we hadn’t worried her too much!  Phew!

Despite our misunderstanding my Mom’s line of inquiry, we really enjoyed writing our cryptic response to the “how is the weather?” question… We thought we just had to share.  There is real honesty in our cryptic reply – see if you can spot it, let alone decipher it:

Dear Mom,

First off, let’s make sure our encryptions are drawing on the same code sheet …

the weather = work, life and everything around us

If this is correct …  then the weather is going through mood shifts.  We’ve had long downpours where all we’ve want to do is crawl up to a fire and ignore the world outside.  We’ve had bright sunny days where we want to lay around and soak it all in.  We’ve had tropical storms raging all around us, yet we still have to continue reporting on a seniors contest to see who could watch the ink dry longest.

We’ve had days where we didn’t notice the weather because of the emotional blinders we were wearing.  We’ve had days where we’ve experienced snowstorms in August.  We’ve had days where we very much envied the ability of hawks to catch a thermal and fly far far away.

For the last month the weather has been particularly unpredictable … each time we put on shorts it snows.  Our rubber boots are getting stinky from all the squished cats and dogs.  However, days come around – like today – when we prepared for biblical downpours, but emerged from our hovel to bask in a heavenly glow of strawberry-scented and honeydew-hued sunshine.   Go figure, it’s the weather!

So, yeah… we do glamour up our discussions of the weather.  If we did otherwise we would probably end up reporting on fog too often …  after all, without modern radar equipment in Cameroon it is really hard to get a clear state of the current weather, let alone a decent forecast.   However, we have discussed these adverse weather conditions with the Minister of Environment, and have a plan.  Now that we’ve set up at a new weather station we have to give it the time to become fully operational.

The interior climate at home has been more about floods and leaky faucets… The humidity lays a blanket [read: mold] across everything and makes it hard to weatherproof.  We’re taking it all in stride, enjoying the warm summertime showers now that they’ve made a return.  All these weather woes at home are challenges, not frustrations.  We can deal with them.

For now we still like where we live and are determined to stick out the season.  We’re taking some time off this weekend to enjoy the finer days and do some of the things we’ve been unable to do since we moved to this weather station.   It would be nice to share some of our weather stories with you, and ask for you to cast your computerized telescopic vision our way, but that’s made more difficult by the lack of us having an internet relay at home.  That will be installed soon too now that the atmospheric pressure has diminished this past week.

So, I hope you understand my metaphorical response to your cryptic crossword.  I hope we haven’t misunderstood your doubting of weather reports … If so I’ll just have to pray to Zeus for a lightning bolt to clarify things.

Love you lots!


~ by Greg Spira on September 30, 2010.

One Response to “no really … how’s the weather?”

  1. great letter, a joy to read!

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