fungus among us

We’ve done it!  After all these years of looking for evidence of lunacy and the idiosyncrasies of human and community development, we can finally attest that is has now been proven – beyond a shadow of a doubt and three times over – that there is, indeed, something in the water!

What is it?

We managed, through purely unintentional scientific experiments, to collectively assemble specimens of not one, not two, but three different types of water-borne FUNGUS on our skins – at the same time!!!  We think this is a mighty feat and are quite proud of this accomplishment (not!).  In the contest of how many various tropical diseases we can catch in a two-year volunteer stint, this might help us win… if nothing else… we’re certainly catching up to the lead!

Fungus.  Makes me think of weird colourful mushrooms in the forest – the psychedelic kind.  But no need for hallucinogens though, I already have anti-malarials for that! But I digress…

Caroline: Interesting red dots you have on your leg, Greg.

Greg:  Yeah.  I think the funguys are back in town.  My leg’s becoming a Petri-dish and they’re looking to throw a party!

Caroline:  I’m sporting a new cultured outfit for the event – polka dots.  White spots have mushroomed all over.

Greg:  I thought leopards never changed their spots.

Caroline:  Looks like I have developed that ability.

Greg:  Fungilicious stuff dude!

Never mind all the various types of fungi one can catch (we’d rather not know), ours are directly caused by water. Some of Greg’s was caused by the water that filled our reserve buckets during the 10-day water shortage.  Apparently, this isn’t uncommon during long cuts.  From now on, we will have to wash the water reserve buckets every couple of weeks and always add bleach to the water when it sits.  Wish we had known… but what fun is there in that?

this photo has been altered for dramatic effect!

As for my special fungi, pityriasis versi-color, it is a micro-scopic fungus that lives in the water and decides, rather randomly, to discolor one’s skin in any old spot it so desires.  I’m pretty sure it sprouted legs and hitched a ride with me from Maroua. Hence, spots have appeared on my face, neck, shoulders and arms.  T’would make a make-up artist quite loony trying to conceal them all!

this photo has also been altered for dramatic effect!

Good thing none of the three are actually gross… just slightly unsightly.

What’s to be done, you wonder?

Greg’s has to take antibiotics for one set of the bumpy red fun guys (who have caused skin infections), as well as slather on a special wash and cream for the other littler, but no less no-fun fun guys.  Should be gone within a week or so.

Me, oh, no that would be too easy!  I’m too special for the easy pills and creams.  No, no, no.  Instead, I got to stand in the shower, lathered up in anti-fungal gel for 10 full minutes.  Any idea how long 10 minutes is when you’re stark naked, covered only in fun-guys-killing mousse that will take months before it is known if it even worked?  A really long un-fun-guy time!!!  Doing yoga sun salutes helped keep away the chills. Hearing my favourite show playing on my laptop nearby helped too, but still… The spores better bugger off after the wash!

Especially since we have to rinse in the same water that may have caused the fun guys to take up residence in the first place.  Brilliant!

So there you go… we’ve demonstrated – once and for all – that there is indeed something in the water.

~ by Caroline Spira on October 18, 2010.

5 Responses to “fungus among us”

  1. Yo! J’ai trouvé l’origine (j’hésitais entre Maroua et Yaoundé!) de mes nouveaux amis de peau! J’aurais dû choisir un autre Bed and Breakfast… vous fournissez même pas les antibiotiques aux clients avant leurs départs. À plus!

    • Les tiens sont définitivement des souvenirs de Maroua! C’est une ville qui ne veut pas te laisser trop facilement. 😉

  2. Oh, that’s unfortunate! Good luck getting rid of it!

  3. Hope all is back to normal (whatever that means 🙂

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