neighbourhood watch

Sometimes we think that because we live in a big city, we can go about our business unnoticed.  Be anonymous.  Fat chance on our street.  We have a women-led neighbourhood watch.  And they take their jobs very seriously.

Saturday, I am walking back from the market, and as I pass Lea, the owner of the corner bar.  She calls out to me.

Lea: “Where is my friend?”

Caroline: “He’s travelling.”

Lea: “Is he coming back soon?”

Caroline: “Yes, very shortly.”

OK, so Greg had only been gone a day, but it’s been noticed already.  Oh well, now all the regular patrons of Lea’s bar know he’s off gallivanting somewhere.

It’s Monday morning and I’m off to work.  I come up to Léonie who runs the fruit stand on the corner.

Léonie: “I didn’t see you yesterday.”

Caroline:  “No, I stayed at home relaxing.”

Léonie:  “You didn’t go out at all. I didn’t see you”

Caroline: “No, it was just a quiet day.”

Later in the day, as I return home, we chat again.

Léonie: “Où est le père?” (it  means “father” and is a sign of respect)

Caroline: “He’s travelling.”

Léonie: “Still?”

Caroline: “Yes, but he’ll be back soon.”

Geez… she’s checking up on things.  Nice to know she is keeping an eye out.

I get on Facebook and ponder aloud about what I might be able to do to shake up for the neighbourhood watch.  Keep them on their toes or give them something really good to chat about.  And it’s nice to have a fun project when le père is away.  A few suggestion pour in such as wearing a cat woman suit, yelling at a broom or running around in my birthday suit.  While I ponder the possibilities, the week passes me by.

Fast forward to this morning.  I left the house at dawn to catch an early morning tennis lesson.  A couple of hours later I’m on my way home again to get changed for work. I’m looking raggedy, my hair is a big mess, I am very sweaty, and generally gross from a hardcore lesson when I pass by Léonie setting up the stand for her morning customers.

Léonie: “Are you just getting home?”

Caroline: “No, I went out and am coming back.”

Léonie: “Oh.  I thought you had spent the night away.”

Caroline: “No, no, I went out very early this morning and now I am back.”

Léonie: “That’s OK then.  I was going to be jealous.”

Caroline: “Jealous? Why?”

Léonie: “I would have been jealous if you had been out all night.”

Caroline: “Oh?”

Léonie: “Well, with le père being away… you know…”

I guess there is no need for me to think of ways to create buzz in the neighbourhood… I do that just by walking by!!!

Good thing I wear a long wrap around skirt over my tennis outfit too.  There is no telling what they would think I was up to when le père is away if they saw me showing so much leg in my wee red tennis skirt!



~ by Caroline Spira on November 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “neighbourhood watch”

  1. Shocking and scandalous behaviour! Attends que le père revienne!

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