the kids of Good Shepherd Home

On Easter Saturday, we were pleased to once again help deliver food supplies to the Good Shepherd Home in Abangoh (Bamenda) as we had on Christmas Day. Our 9am arrival found the kids not yet bathed, but in great spirits, spontaneously breaking into song and dance!  The little ones have grown like weeds in the last few months.  They were anxious to play, introduce us to their newest sisters and brothers, and pose for pictures.

Here are our favourite pics.


the delivery: 1 bag of milk powder, 3 bags of rice, 2 jugs of oil

I can make you smile...

don't tell anyone I'm ticklish

happiness is...

ok James... let's go for a walk

~ by Caroline Spira on May 2, 2011.

4 Responses to “the kids of Good Shepherd Home”

  1. Before I leave Cameroon I would like to do one last fundraising event for the Good Shepherd Abangoh orphanage.

    It is my hope that before I leave at the end of June, I can deliver food to sustain the orphanage over the summer so that the children can go back to school in September healthy and happy and ready to learn. I visited the orphanage the other day with Greg and Caroline for Easter and it was so evident how much of a difference the Christmas food made towards improving the health of the children. Children who before were thin and lethargic, had chubby rosy cheeks and were running around and laughing. The donations I received for the Christmas project from friends and family really did make a difference in their lives. The Sister who runs the orphanage couldn’t stop expressing how grateful she was to everyone for making such an impact on the children’s lives.

    The Orphanage’s need for support for its children continues to grow. Since Christmas the orphanage has received two new orphans. The first is a baby who arrived just before Easter and is only 2 weeks old. This baby was abandoned by its mother at the health clinic right after he was delivered. The second is a young girl who was abandoned by her family because she became ill which resulted in her losing the use of her legs. The burden of having a disabled daughter was too much for her family and so they left her at the orphanage.

    In order to ensure the children have a healthy summer, I would like to purchase, rice, oil, milk, sugar, garri (porridge), soybeans, groundnuts, and dried fish. These items are rich in nutrients and will provide the children with a healthy base diet over the summer.

    If you would like to donate to my “Healthy Summer” initiative you can contact me for more details:

    • The first $100 has already been received from Canada via friends at the High Commission. That’s a good start. Let’s keep it up.

  2. j’aime beaucoup votre blog

    • Merci! On apprécie beaucoup le support et on est très content de pouvoir faire plaisir!

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