our week in pictures

*Note:  “Beneath the Mosquito Net” is temporarily reporting from Fort Portal, Uganda as volunteer trainers and film crew for Villages Connected.

It’s been a very busy week out this way.  But since it was so full of photo opportunities, we figured we should just share these instead…

behind scenes at the market - where the women cook dozens of pots of yummy food

who wouldn't want to chow down at this lady's eatery?

on the road to Kyhnyawara

too cute for words...

the dancers' instruments

a lady from the women's cooperative demonstrates intricate beadwork on the handle of a fly swatter

Caroline as a prop - showing that taking pictures from above may, er, be somewhat distorting

getting to the market with 7 regimes of bananas - a regular occurence on the roads around Fort Portal

a breathtaking vista from the outskirts of town

~ by Caroline Spira on June 12, 2011.

3 Responses to “our week in pictures”

  1. We were so disappointed…when the photos were over at the bottom of the page!

    • Fear not. There are hundreds more where that came from! We’ll be lulling you to sleep with evenings upon evenings of photo shows when we finally make it home again!!!!

  2. j’aime beaucoup votre blog,toujours motivant; louise’s mum

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