midnight over africa

It’s been nearly two weeks since we returned from Uganda and our vacation/work with Villages Connected (more on that coming up!).  It’s been incredibly busy.

1)    We had to unpack and get in the groove

2)    Another Canada Day at the High Commissioner’s Residence (such a great time, good food and even better company)

3)    Getting back to playing some tennis

4)    Saying goodbye to Catherine – our AWESOME friend who we arrived with us on Halloween in 2009!!!! The end of the three musketeers… sniff sniff

5)    Work, work, work, work and then some more work (yeah, what else is new?)

But somehow in the middle of all this upheaval… a glorious thing happened!  Another quilt top was completed…

Midnight over Africa

a close up - gotta love all that blue!

It was a case of the blues.  An over abundance of blue scraps that is.  Over a year ago, Greg and I got matching outfits made out of this gorgeous dark blue batik.  When the seamstress finished my dress, skirt and Greg’s shirt (matching outfits for couples are the rage here!), she gave me a large bag of fabric for quilting to support my quilting obsession.  More blues were donated by another volunteer in the Far North – Maxime – who had curtains to match!

I would have done something with contrasts or added some splash of colour, but decided against it.  Since the quilt was born out of a fondness of blues, I was going to stick to it.

I found a pattern online which was called “pinch a penny” by Larene Smith.  I had to amend it somewhat on account of the randomness of my scrap stash.  I started cutting up the pieces, using up as much of the scraps as I could.  Then on a random trip to the big fabric shop with Mischa, another volunteer, I noticed the bluest of all blue pagnes.  I just knew it was the missing piece to the quilt.

Though I started working on this after finishing the last one in February, it wasn’t until this past Sunday – having woken up to early, sick with another silly cold, watching a nice movie on my laptop – that I put the final stitch in the quilt top.

Midnight in Africa

I brought the quilt to the office this morning and asked two of the tallest (and most accommodating!) staff members to hold it up so we could get a picture.  Neither Menge nor Silvestre quite understood my fascination with hand-sewing little bits of fabric together. Granted it’s a little weird if you explain it that way. They didn’t understand why Canadians would pay big bucks for hand-quilted bedspreads either.   But they were good sports about my little request.  Thanks guys!

And as it gets closer to midnight (yeah, yeah, poetic ain’t it), it’s time to switch to a new project.  My 500 meter spool of blue thread is almost out, so I’m onto a different colour scheme.  And a less busy schedule!

~ by Caroline Spira on July 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “midnight over africa”

  1. Wow!

  2. AWESOME! It looks great! Miss you lots already!

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