the last fifty

We will be boarding a plane in exactly 50 days.  There have been ups and downs in this experience, so it is a fair question for people to ask:  WHAT WILL YOU ACTUALLY MISS ABOUT CAMEROON?  Here are 50 of them…

  1. Grilled fish on the street
  2. Walking sock sellers
  3. Huge avocadoes
  4. River Soy strawberry-banana drinks
  5. Saying “on fait comment alors”
  6. Kids at Good Shepherd Home / Abangoh orphanage

    Cuties from the Good Shepherd Home

  7. Small children carting even smaller children around
  8. Finding cockroaches already upside down dead
  9. Grilled plantains at Makanene
  10. Buying cashews in Bamenda
  11. Amusing the ladies at the La King when picking a new pagne for a dress
  12. Any conversation about how the rainy season hasn’t started yet when there’s a downpour outside
  13. The beautiful scenery around Bamenda and Ndop

    Great views from a hike near the town of Santa

  14. Chatting with the guy at the newspaper stand at Dovv
  15. Toothless grins from my banana lady
  16. The teeny tinny translucent lizards on the living room walls
  17. The joy of finding and then eating cheese
  18. Not caring about mismatching or colour coordinating clothing
  19. Maman Clémentine at the MFundi market
  20. Vanilla Soy yogurt in a bag
  21. Tennis “camp” in Bamenda
  22. Fresh bread daily
  23. Walking to work
  24. Custom made clothes
  25. Being told “c’est en rupture, madame” when the pharmacy has run out of drugs
  26. The excitement when the water comes back on
  27. Watching ladies carry trays of bananas on their heads
  28. Buying fruit on the roadside for next to nothing – 11 avocadoes and 32 mangoes for $2!

    All this for a dollar! Gotta love mango season!

  29. Smoked roast pork from St Tropez Restaurant
  30. Amazing fruits and vegetables!
  31. Watching TV shows on the laptop “beneath the mosquito net”
  32. “Preventing” malaria with gin and tonic
  33. The thrill when word spreads about finding western products in the grocery store
  34. All the other volunteers we’ve gotten to know

    Fikir, Greg, Caroline, Cornelia, Nia and Danielle

  35. Menge (we know you’re reading this) and many others!
  36. Taxi rides across town for under 50 cents
  37. Expecting to see the unexpected

    and that is how celery is transported to the market!

  38. Fabric fabric everywhere!
  39. JC’s chicken – rotisserie cooked & then deep-fried!
  40. 650ml beers – for $1
  41. Romantic mood lighting caused by low voltage
  42. The game of getting rid of torn money
  43. Reading inspirational (and otherwise) messages on back of taxis
  44. Honoré, Doudou, Dalita, Rose and Alfred
  45. Bougainvillea lining the streets in Bastos
  46. Critters (some more attractive than others)

    this guy knows how to blend in

  47.  Guys walking around with shoes on their heads
  48. Waking up early (yes, it is Greg saying this!)
  49. The train ride to Ngaoundéré
  50. Looking forward to going home

~ by Caroline Spira on August 23, 2011.

3 Responses to “the last fifty”

  1. I totally agree with so many of those also njama njama at sister rose, proposals and jesus dresses.

  2. I have enjoyed reading your e-mails over your time in Cameroon. Your ups and downs and how you handled them have made me very proud of the two of you and your understanding that we are all one family under this blue sky. Your stories when you arrive back home will help others to understand this important message and inspire future generations to help their neighbours no matter how close or fare they live from them.

  3. Hi Greg… So great to read about your time in Cameron. Good luck in the home stretch. I am enjoying life and learning in Guatemala as a non-recovering RV. Best to all current and former CUSO-VSO volunteers and staff.

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