photovoice images

Welcome to the home of  Photovoice projects in  Cameroon.  These CUSO-VSO and VSO Cameroon-supported projects  hand cameras over to VSO partner organizations working in different programme areas – HIV/AIDS, Participation and Governance and Education.  Community members or volunteers share  their vision of, and insights into, programs delivered by VSO’s partners in the region.  Their images are accompanied by descriptions and testimonials – in their own words – that give the rarely-heard voices of those who know the programs best and are most affected by them.

talking photos – defending human rights

MDDHL Mokolo

You can now see the second and third Photovoice projects!  The talking photos – defending human rights project saw human rights defenders in two communities in the Far North of Cameroon (Maroua and Mokolo) use photography to start discussing issues relevant to their organization’s mission and clearly map out strategies for realizing change.

Members of two branches of the human rights group MDDHL  photographed issues that they felt should be addressed by their organization.

These included child exploitation, healthcare and cholera, education and family, justice and corruption, water access and sanitation, and drugs, alcohol and delinquency.  Click one of the MDDHL group photos to see the photos and find out what the issues mean to them.

MDDHL Maroua


photos qui parlent – images that speak

The first Photovoice project is now complete and the photographs are online!  The photos qui parlent project (“photos that speak”) loaned cameras to clients and volunteers of VODEBO – a local community-based organization that provides care and support services to people infected or affected by HIV in a community in Cameroon’s Far North region.  This project used the Photovoice method to gauge the impact of VODEBO’s work in the HIV/AIDS sector. Click on the group photo (above) to see participants photos, read – in their own words – why they took the images & discover how this VSO local partner is impacting, and learning from, its beneficiaries.


P.S. Additional Photovoice projects are in the works for 2010.  Stay tuned!


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  1. Can’t wait to see the results! Will be following the journey from my desk in Victoria…and looking forward to our next Blue Nile dinner. And yes, Greg, I’ve been working on the Buena Vista Social Club.

  2. You two will be the first persons I have ever Blogged. Looking forward to experiencing the journey with you.

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