photos by BG133

their photographs, their words

A man who at first had lost all hope of ever seeing his sons and grandsons.  Thanks to God and the community volunteers he has regained his health.  He had bequeathed all his property before he went to the hospital because he thought he would die.  This allowed him to share his status with his family.  They, first panicked, but thanks to visits to Petté hospital they saw that it is a disease with which one can live.  Now the household tasks are divided amongst the family.  I [the community volunteer] was the first to go with him to the hospitals in ______ and Petté.  He asked that I never leave him.  Since the visits, his family members come but his wives, children and sick father come separately.  Once he had regained his health, he brought his two wives to get tested.  Afterwards [they tested negative] he asked the community volunteer for condoms and advice on how to use them.


Series #1

This man is frequently proud of resuming his activities and he observes good hygiene by wearing his scarf to avoid the dust.  He is in the process of preparing his fields for the rainy season by putting down manure.  Before he was dying and no one was there to help him with his fields.  He didn’t think he could get back to his fields.  He had already told his wives and children to go back to their families.  During visits from the community volunteer he agreed to take medication.  After four years of support, the client and volunteer are practically family now.


Series #2

Before the arrival of VODEBO I was bed-ridden, almost at the terminal stage.  I did not do anything.  However, thanks to God and the support of VODEBO, I have regained my health and I have resumed my activities in the fields and in cattle rearing.  The pictures show a man who has regained his health and who is giving fodder to his cows after coming back from the pastures.


Series #3

These photos show a man who used to be sick and who has regained his health.  He is setting up the enclosure for his animals and fertilising his field with manure.


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