photos by BG246

their photographs, their words

Volunteer: One of the clients and another VODEBO community volunteer are in the photo.  Before, my client was not able to do carry on with is activities but now he is in good health.  We are at my home.  My client refused to be filmed at his place because there are people at his house and there is a lot of stigma in this area.  Visits can happen at his place, but for the photos he preferred to come to the volunteer’s house.  He is more comfortable at the volunteer’s.

Client: Before I couldn’t do my daily activities.  With VODEBO’s help I have resumed my activities.  In these photos the volunteer and I are together.  Before I was bed-ridden.  With VODEBO’s help, thank God, I carry on with my fieldwork.  I am very proud.


It is harvest time. We want to meet with the djaouros [traditional leaders] to get their help with our clients.  It is time for them to help a bit, just a bit. This is why I took a picture of the pile of millet. After the harvest we engage in advocacy. The harvest must reach the clients.  The djaouros promised.


Thanks to God and to the advice given by the volunteer, the sick man is doing better.  The volunteer and his client are sitting.


The client is performing his ablutions.  Before he couldn’t do this.  However, he can with the help of VODEBO – Thank God.  He hopes to always have the support of VODEBO and that VODEBO does not abandon him.


In this photo, with the support of the health centre, [clients] are referred for exams.  We get a medical kit for small illnesses, but the health centre takes charge of medications and hospitalisations of our clients.


In this photo the client is shopping for some support in order to purchase a pair of cattle to help with his work in the fields. VODEBO doesn’t stop in helping its clients.


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