photos by BG285

their photographs, their words

The client is with her sister.  When she was sick her sister and her husband took her to Maroua’s hospital and found out that she was positive.  They rejected her without even telling her she was seropositive.  When the community volunteer found out, he went to see her and after several months she had the test done.  Her aunt and her sister swear that they didn’t know.  They took her to do the CD4 exams at Petté and started ARVs.  She resumed her daily activities.  Her sister is now proud of her and they carry out their daily activities together.  During home visits, the volunteer called the sister in and explained HIV.  For now she does not have any sickness and we hope she won’t need other support.  Since she got back on her feet her sister has come back to her.


The client and her ARVs.  It is thanks to her ARVs that she has regained her health.  Before she was unable to get out of bed and now she runs a restaurant.  When she was sick she had to close the restaurant.  There wasn’t anyone in the restaurant when we took her picture in order to avoid gossip and the loss of her clientele because of stigma.


I was sick and VODEBO helped me resume my daily activities.  I now carry on with my activities without any problems.  Before I had a restaurant, but falling ill meant I had to stop all activities.  However, since I regained my health I have resumed my activities as I did before. With the help of my volunteer of course!  If I am sick he takes me to the hospital and comes to visit me at home. He also gives me food baskets.


Before I couldn’t do anything, but now I carry on with my daily activities without problems.  I bought a goat. I’m just starting.  This is the first time and I hope i twill work.  Thank you to VODEBO and its volunteers for all they do for their clients.  They do a lot for their clients.  The partners should support the volunteers in all their activities so that the volunteers can help their clients live positive with HIV/AIDS.


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