photos by BG293

their photographs, their words

Here you see a woman who was without hope.  It is just a few months after the death of her husband.  She went to be tested voluntarily – positive.  She was abandoned by her family and the community in general.  She didn’t hope for life.  For these reasons she was without hope.  However, thanks to the support of VODEBO – who from time to time conducts home visits with her – she now has hope.  VODEBO sensitizes the community and does educational sessions.  Therefore, the community has been educated and her family is starting to accept her.  Now she is very proud and believes she can do anything.  Where she was before, she didn’t think she would live.   She thought she would die just as her husband had.  Now her family and those around her – her friends, neighbours, family – know her status.   The client always tells everyone that one does not buy the illness.  She got it.  Too bad for those that will laugh.  She did not buy it.


The client is very happy.  She takes Cotri [a medication] without fear.  No one cares.  Her friends hug her and eat with her.  In the photo are members of her family, the family of her husband and her friends.  This picture was taken at her house.  Her husband died when she was six months pregnant.  At the time she didn’t know what he died of.  Leading up to giving birth she was sick.  The community volunteer took her to get tested.  She got tested, VODEBO took her to Petté and afterwards she told her sister.  Since telling her, her sister helps her, giving her food to eat and other support.


I am standing up with my child at the entrance to my house.  I am cherishing my child.  VODEBO told me that I will as long as possible.  I look forward to raising my children and feel great joy.


She is sitting in between her three children. She has hope for life, for living positive [with HIV], and for raising her children.


The client is lying down with her three children.  She is resting and nursing her baby. VODEBO’s counselled her to rest when she is tired.


The client is in the middle of preparing foléré to sell as a revenue generating activity.  At the start she didn’t do this because of fatigue and illness.  Thanks to VODEBO she has support for these revenue generating activities and can now pay for her own needs.


The client is in the middle of chatting with her companions, whereas in the begging this was not possible.  There was shame and fear.  Thanks to VODEBO I now live in society, in joy and without fear or stigma.


The client is washing her millet in order to make local beer. Thanks to VODEBO she is able to resume her daily activities.


The client willingly takes her medication and takes them on time.  Thanks to VODEBO I now follow the instructions for taking my medications without fear and with happiness.


3 Responses to “photos by BG293”

  1. So moving and effective to see these photos and hear the words. A powerful tool to support such a worthwhile endeavour.

  2. I am so proud of you and this work. It is so important. I know this is selfish but I wish I was there doing works like this, it is so meaninful, so amazingly important. I am so proud to know you. kisses

    • and here we were wishing we were hanging out with you! Funny how that works! Keep plugging away! You’ll find some cool things to do soon!

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