Photos by BG44

Their photographs, their words

The patient is sick, lying down, suffering. I filmed her at her home.  She couldn’t even speak. I advised her to go to the hospital for tests. That helped. She went to the hospital and I accompanied her. VODEBO paid for her prescriptions.


Thanks to the support of the community volunteer and a referral to the hospital, the client has recovered her health thanks to medications and is now sitting upright.  Before she was forced to lie down.  She is observing her treatment.  The volunteer looks at her health records when she comes back from the Petté hospital, so he can see the doctor’s prescription and, therefore, advise her on how to take her medicine.


The client is sitting, in the process of washing her dishes.  Before, she couldn’t work and now she is able.


The patient is carrying water on her head.  It is full.  Before she couldn’t do this, but now she can because she has been taking medication.


In the photo there is a herd of animals that the volunteer is feeding.  Before, the client couldn’t give them food.  Now she is able.


Five people are in the photo.  One is stirring the arki, another is stoking the fire, and a young lady is putting water in the kanarie.  Two other people are watching.


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