justice and corruption


Photo by MDDHL Maroua 8192

I took this picture in the office of a police officer at the municipal court of Maroua to show some of their work affecting our [MDDHL’s] users.  The pile of papers in the background are cases filed away.  Unsecured like this, I as creator of this picture, think there is no security for these files.  As an active member of MDDHL, I would like to contact them directly, in defense of the rights of citizens, to make a change in their services.



Photo by MDDHL Mokolo 8071

Promotional sign for a bailiff.  This is the justice in Mokolo who sincerely wants us to publish his name because he has put three phone numbers – we should call him! We think justice should be everyone’s business because we are human rights, defending mistreated people those whose cases are not judged according to the law and suffer sometimes without having done anything. We say that justice should be for everyone. Even for the poor; They need justice.  Even for the sick; They need justice.


Photo by MDDHL Maroua 497

A store serving customers. Where the scale is pointing is surprising – only seen by the shopkeeper and not his customer.



Photo by MDDHL Maroua 497

Manufactured goods have prices posted, but these prices differ from those set by the authorities fighting against high costs of living.



Photo by MDDHL Maroua 3915

An anti-gang squad member with a weapon in his hands. I took this photo to show everyone how our armed forces wander about intimidating honest citizens.  The state needs to be contacted to ensure respect from the Cameroonian army.



Photo by MDDHL Maroua 495

The sign for the Regional Hospital of Maroua.  The hospital, built by the state, serves the sick. This hospital is managed by the doctors who manipulate the sick.  Diagnosis and care is provided for 10000F [$20] or more.  MDDHL needs to undertake advocacy activities.  MDDHL’s satellite office in Maroua want administrative authorities to sensitize medical staff to provide care before demanding money.



Photo by MDDHL Mokolo 497

This photo shows an old man, a poor man, who works hard with his strength.  After finishing the work, his boss tells him that he will only get half his money.  When he complains, the boss says he doesn’t have the money now. The change needed is for work contracts need to be written up. This is his right and if the boss refuses we start an investigation. When it is written, a contract is clear.  Workers need to be educated about their rights and employers need to know their duty.




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